Karalain Damosay

Karalain is a young female that hails from Manetheren. Her father exports wood for manufacturing interior furnishings and lacquered figurines.


Karalain Damosay | Manetheren/Two Rivers
CHA: 17 (3)
INT: 16 (
WIS: 14 (2)
CON: 14 (
DEX: 14 (2)
STR: 13 (
Channel Strength: 7
Reflex: 1
Fortitude: 1
Will: 1


Karalain tested in Whitebridge with the local Aes Sedai, and was found to be strong enough to become an initiate. Karalain carries bitterness about her ability to channel, however, as her father put her out of the house immediately upon learning of her ‘gift’.

Edgann Damosay, while residing in his familial home East of Baerlon these past nine generations, still considers his bloodline to be Amadician. Unable to return to those lands due to Seanchan rule, Karalain’s family maintains (at least privately) much animosity and ill will towards channelers…a likely remnant of ages-old nationalistic feelings fostered and encouraged by the Children.

No surprise, then, that Karalain would be bundled up and swiftly removed from her life and family, her childhood friends, and shipped off to Whitebridge and out of her family’s life. Not cruel, her family provided a decent sum of money, a letter of rights and an escort to Whitebridge in the form of a man long in her father’s employ, en route to Whitebridge to obtain the rare wood and lacquers which comprised the expensive wares that the Damosay fortune was built upon.

Unbeknownst to Karalain, her family had even stripped her name from her. The letter from her father had named her Talea Durinn, the daughter of a deceased house servant that had grown up in their care. While the sisters have recorded her name in their records correctly, she retains the document in case she might have need of it.

Karalain has embarked on a grand journey north, ostensibly to Tar Valon for formal training, but the world is big and the rest of her long life is in front of her.

Karalain Damosay

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